At the very beginning The Disappearing One was basically a room project. Our approach to music stays the same, even after recording a few albums and playing several gigs during these last 4 years: Music is our own goal and only interest, and it will always be."
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Da oggi, tramite “Produzioni dal Basso”, è possibile prenotare una copia del nostro nuovo disco. Troverete tutte le informazioni sul disco, il progetto di raccolta fondi, ed una lettera a chi vorrà sostenerci nel link in basso. GRAZIE in anticipo, THE DISAPPEARING ONE

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05th october — Reverso (Bari) – ITALY 06th october — Palazzo Novelli (Carinola – CE) – ITALY 12th october — Contestaccio (Roma) W/Plan de Fuga – ITALY 25th october — KeyDrum (Sarno – SA) – ITALY 08th november — Unplugged (Caserta) – ITALY15th november — St. Patrick (Aversa – CE) – ITALY 16th november — Nuovo Camarillo (Prato) – ITALY …

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The Disappearing One featuring The Niro

We are so glad to announce such a welcome guest in our song “Once He Left to the Province”, due to be released in late 2013

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